Outlook Sync

In order to sync your outlook client with Google Apps for Business follow these steps.
Before you begin:

Backup your Outlook emails. Outlook 2003/2010
Using this setup will create a new profile in you Outlook. This means:
Your cashed contact will not be migrated (the emails that are listed when you start typing in the TO: field. Ensure all these contacts are saved in your Outlook contacts.)
Your Outlook contacts will not be migrated. (you need to do this manually)
Your Outlook calendar will not be migrated. (you need to do this manually)
Download and install this peace of software.
After the software is installed you will be presented with the following window:

Enter your Google Apps for Business email address.
Enter your Google Apps for Business password.
Ensure the Remember me box is ticked.
Click on Continue.

Click on Create profile.

Click on Start Microsoft Outlook.

The first time you open Outlook you will be prompted to choose a profile.

Chose the profile that has the name "your email address - Google Apps"
You may have an old profile. If you close and open Outlook again you will be able to log in to your old emails
If you no longer need access to your old profile you can click on Options >> and tick the Set as default profile. Now Outlook will always open your Google Apps for Business email

6.Once Outlook has opened you will see a window reporting the progress outlook has made downloading your email, calendar and contacts.

If you don't want this window popping up every time you log on to Outlook un-tick the Open this window when Microsoft Outlook starts