Google Apps Script is a JavaScript cloud scripting language that can help Google Apps partners easily build custom functionality and automate repetitive business processes acrossGoogle products and third party services. Check out this new Apps Script page to learn more or start scripting today! 

1. Enterprise Workflow with Apps Script

Eric Zhang and Evin Levey
Developing comprehensive and user friendly workflow can be a time consuming and thankless task. We showcase several new features of Apps Script and demonstrate how they make workflow easier with integration of Google Sites, Spreadsheets and Forms.

2. Developing Apps, Add Ins and More with Google Apps Script

Drew Csillag, Corey Goldfeder and James Ferreira
This intermediate talk focuses on some less well known uses of Apps Script - building Add Ins for Google Apps, standalone applications and more! We'll focus on rapid application development features, and demonstrate deployment to several targets.

3. Launch and Grow Your Business App on the Google Apps Marketplace

Scott McMullan, Matt Trifiro, Cameron Henneke, Jim McNelis
The Google Apps Marketplace is an online store to discover and purchase web applications which are integrated with Google Apps. This introductory session will provide an overview of the Google Apps Marketplace. You'll learn product integration and marketing best practices directly from Marketplace vendors.