Windows Live Mail

Windows Live Mail

In order to synchronize our Windows Live Mail client with your Google Apps for Business email please follow these steps:

1.In your Windows Live Mail client in to your Menu, then Options and finally Email Accounts...

2. In the now open Accounts window click on Add...

3. In the Add an account window click on Email Account

In the Add you email accounts window enter the following details:
  • For your Email address: enter your Google Apps for Business email address.
  • For your Password: enter your Google Apps for Business password.
  • For Display name for your sent messages: Enter your full name.
  • Ensure the two boxes Make this my default email account & Manually configure server settings are ticked.
Click on Next.

In the configure server settings window enter the following details.
  • When asked for your Logon user name: enter your Google Apps for Business email address.

You will see this message. Click on Finish.

6. You should now be back to the Accounts window and your should now see the new account you setup.

Select the newly created account and click on Properties.

7.In the Accounts Properties windows select the IMAP tab and enter [Gmail] with a capital G.

Click on OK, then Close.
8. You should now have your Google Apps for Buiness account setup in Windows Live Mail.